Raju Bist Photography

Split seconds from December 28, 1979 onwards...
Raju Bist Photography

Raju Bist Photography

RBP 123 – Animal Planet

@spraycatz completed this mural near the Brighton railway station, England, in November 2019 for @extictionrebellion to highlight the possible threat of extinction for the #snowyowl Its population went down from 200,000 in 2013 to 28,000 in 2017. This rapid decline in numbers is thought to be caused by a number of factors from climate change to destruction of habitat.

RBP 122 – Candids

Fitness guru Pramod Chaturvedi pumping up the crowd at the Fit & Fun outdoor event held in Thane, Maharashtra, India, April 16, 2023

RBP 118 – Central London

South Bank Lion, located at the end of Westminster Bridge, is an 1837 sculpture and weighs about 13 tonnes. It was cast in Coade stone and fine details of the lion’s modelling still remain clear

RBP 117 – Celebs

As expected, Maharashtra Chief Minister was the chief attraction in his constituency of Thane during Gudi Padwa Shobha Yatra, March 22, 2023

RBP 114 – Travel

Krishna’s Butterball is a gigantic balancing rock resting on a short incline in the historical coastal resort town of Mamallapuram in Tamil Nadu. A part of the Group of Monuments, a UNESCO World Heritage Site built during the seventh and eighth century CE as Hindu religious monuments by the Pallava dynasty, it is a popular tourist attraction locally

RBP 113 – Travel

Entrance to England’s Brighton Dome, a premier multi-arts venue, annually hosting over 600 events spanning music, theatre, dance, comedy, literature, spoken word, visual arts, film, digital, community and participatory events. It started life 200 years ago as a grandiose riding stables for the Prince Regent