Raju Bist Photography

Split seconds from December 28, 1979 onwards...
Raju Bist Photography

Raju Bist Photography

RBP 150 – Candids

A day at the races. Sneha Sharma, Indigo pilot and racing car driver, poses with fans at the Coimbatore JK Tyre Racing Championship, September 10, 2016

RBP 149 – The Food Dude

Chakulya by Chef RS.
Traditional rural one pot meal from South Western Maharashtra. Whole wheat dough is rolled into sheets, cut in squares and cooked directly in spicy chana dal. Served with a dollop of ghee and raw onion slivers.
Also known as Chakolya, Varan Fal, Daal Fal and is similar to Daal Dhokli.

RBP 145 – Street Photography

Back in the days, when life was much simpler, traders used to even inspect, buy and sell precious stones in the open sunlight near the Panchratna multi-storeyed diamond hub in south Mumbai (circa early 80s)